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Открий колекциите, които са използвани в проекта


Колекция, насочена към хората с двигателни проблеми, търсещи ергономични, гъвкави и изтънчени решения за банята. Качество, функционалност и дизайн в услуга на уелнес, комфорт и удобство за всички нужди.

More reference projects

Sheraton Huzhou

Designed by world renowned emerging architectural master Ma Yansong, the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort Hotel is the only international luxury hotel in Huzhou, making it one of the most prestigious icons in the city.

Beijing Olympic buildings

Almost 15,000 Roca's products, including faucets, washbasins and toilets, were installed in Beijing's Olympic buildings: a number of hotels, the Olympic Village, two stadiums and the Security Command Centre for the Olympics.